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Boy Princess
Posted May 24, 2024 at 1:47 pm
Read Boy Princess from the beginning here!

Boy Princess is a comic I drew last summer about my experience with femininity and fashion (specifically EGL fashion) as a trans guy. This comic is really special to me, I drew it while attending a workshop on Graphic Memoir comics taught by Mel Gillman at the Center for Cartoon Studies. I don't think I would've been able to make this comic if it weren't for the week-long workshop, and I wouldn't have been able to attend that without the help of CCS' BIPOC Scholarship.

To be frank, if I'd attempted to draw this comic on my own time, I probably would've A) Never finished it or B) Taken a hundred times longer to make it. Even with that, although I planned, drew, and inked this comic within one week, it's still taken me almost one year to edit, color, and format for print as well as design the cover, write transcripts of the pages (which by the way, if anyone has any feedback on what I could improve in my writing please tell me!!!), and write posts for social media.

Why'd it take so long? Because of life I guess! I'm not very good at sharing the work in process either, I'd rather post something when it's completely finished. Maybe I'll get better about that in the future, or maybe I'll just keep posting every 6 months. Either way I'm proud of myself for making this comic, and I'm eternally grateful for the supportive feedback from loved ones as well as instructors and classmates from the workshop!!!

I have copies of Boy Princess available for sale in my shop (as well as copies of Candlebot Comics #1, which has around 30 comics in it, wowza!) I hope you'll consider buying a copy and I hope you enjoy reading it :)